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This is a Curtin University quiz server of the Mathematics & Statistics Department, providing quizzes exclusively for Curtin-enrolled students.

Having trouble logging in? ... Be sure you have selected the unit in which you are enrolled, by clicking in the appropriate circle, and note that your password is as described in the Online quiz Info in Blackboard.

Browsers supported ... The most reliable browsers are Firefox (or Mozilla) and Internet Explorer version 8+. Pages are encoded with unicode now for all browsers. The main issue is that a few quiz questions use large brackets and if your browser does not have the fonts to support these then you will see a vertical alignment of small boxes (or sometimes question marks) where a large bracket (round, square or curly, opening or closing) (or sometimes, integral sign) should be. You can test your browser by looking at the TR25 column here. If you find you have fonts missing, you have two courses of action: either use a different browser, or be satisfied that you will be able to guess correctly what large symbol is intended by the vertical alignment of boxes or question marks. If your Firefox-like browser is fine as per the above test, but you still have display problems, check the item below! Google Chrome is a nice browser, but unfortunately it fails the above test.

Funny characters? ... Occasionally you may encounter (typically) Greek characters where say a large bracket ought to be. This is a sure sign that Encoding has been set wrongly. It needs to be set to Western European. The Encoding page steps you through the adjustment needed for Internet Explorer.

Need help? ... Use any links to the Teacher or Administrator within AiM, but please ensure the subject line has the unit in which you are enrolled for quizzes, the relevant quiz and question number, e.g. something like:

M1007 Qz 2 Qn 3
Quizzes are now being made ready for Semester 2, 2016. The projected time when quizzes will be ready is late Sunday 31 July, around which time an email will be sent to each registered student's OASIS email account, and an announcement placed in Blackboard. If when this occurs, you cannot find such an email, make sure you check in Junk mail.

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